Your BRTZR Suggestions Answered


We discuss your suggestions made to the Chairman at the committee meeting - so please check below for the response. We value all suggestions so please complete the form on our dedicated page.

Can a structured training programme be provided for slower runners / beginners after the Bognor 10k?

Keith and the coaching team are always happy to help all levels of runners with programmes during the year. However, the beginners sessions are specifically aimed at reaching the Bognor 10k. There is potential for other races later in the year, that we will be working towards during the summer and encouraging the 'beginners' of that year to increase distance or work to new goals. Please contact your coach or Keith for a training programme for your specific goal. Speed work session are also for all abilities, and are a great way to increase speed, endurance and stamina.

Can we have some cheap mobile phones for offroad runs?

The committee feel there is no real requirement for club mobile phones, and there is a greater responsibility on specific runners to collect them prior to the offroad runs. Some runners carry mobiles on them during runs, and coaches should be spread throughout the group to ensure no-one is left behind. It was felt the offroad runs in 2014 were well executed. Phones will not be purchased at this current time. 

What is the club's stance on running Limmer Lane in the dark?

The club, committee and coaches take safety of our members very seriously. We would never advise running Limmer Lane in the winter, and certainly not around the bend by The Fox. For winter 2014 / 2015 training, our coaches now have set routes to follow. Coaches will only be able to follow these published runs to ensure runners are aware of the route, and there is no risk of people not from the area becoming lost.

Can you please Facebook with training sessions?

This is currently happening and Keith regularly updates Facebook on club nights with what is happening that evening. Please make sure your notifications are on so you are alerted when messages are posted on Facebook.

Can we club together and arrange transport to some races?

Ths is a great idea, and Benita, our Social Secretary is looking into this for some races where there is a large number of BRTZ Runners entered. This has been arranged for Gosport Half. 

Can you provide maps of the meeting points for offroad runs in the summer?

Summer 2015, we will be providing more information about the meeting points on the off road training schedule. For some runs, postcodes of car parks will be given, but please make sure you have checked with someone as to the location as postcodes cannot be totally relied upon.

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