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Pidge's Pledge

In August 2023, BRTZR lost one of its own after Gary Pidgeon (Pidge) suffered a cardiac arrest whilst out on a run. In the words of his partner, Karen Vilday: 

On Saturday, 12th August, Gary told me his planned route, gave me a kiss goodbye, and set off for his 11 mile run. He didn't take his phone and had no other ID on him.

When he didn't return home, the children and I decided to try to track him down in the car, expecting to find him hobbling down the road with a sore glute...but we failed to find him.

It turned out that he had collapsed, having suffered a cardiac arrest in a rural area of Tangmere, and was found by a passing truck driver and a fellow runner who administered CPR.

He was taken by air ambulance to Queen Alexandra hospital, where the Dr's referred to him as "the runner with no name."

After spending 8 days in intensive care, we said goodbye to Gary on Sunday, 20th August.

Please read this advice on steps to stay safe, to avoid putting your loved ones through unnecessary anguish, and think twice about running alone in an isolated area:

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