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Brighton Half 2016

Bognor Regis Tone Zone runners raced almost 600 miles between them this weekend. The big one was the Brighton Half Marathon.

Perfect conditions greeted the 40 BRTZ runners who lined up for the start in Madeira Drive at 9am on Sunday. Amongst them were 6 runners competing in their first 1/2 marathons for the club and themselves. Many from the club are currently half way through their marathon training for London or back to Brighton in April so this was a good test to see how they're shaping up for the ultimate running distance. 13 from the club achieved personal best.

Four runners competed in the extremely tough and aptly named Heartbreaker Marathon with Simon Bodsworth the 1st of those runners in a great time of 3hrs 38mins. Tone Zone Results Brighton Half Marathon: Peter Lee 1.20.40; PB; Danny Mahoney 1.27.30; Chris Gallagher 1.33.48 PB; Sy Daymond 1.34.19; Neil Strudwick 1.34.39 PB; Nina Baldwinson 1.35.20 PB; Gary Pidgeon 1.35.36 PB; Duncan Stephen-Gill 1.35.46; Ian Bayley 1.36.06 PB; Keith Hardwell 1.36.45; Anne Kari Enes 1.37.36; Tony Holcombe 1.38.30; Gary Mitchell 1.38.47 PB; David Skidmore 1.39.22 PB; Mark Williamson 1.41.24; Carolyn Stapely 1.42.27; Kate O'Connor 1.43.39; Jessica Thomson 1.45.40 PB; Daryl Fairbrother 1.48.25; Neil Borley 1.48.30 PB; Adam Norgett 1.51.28 PB; Jackie Williamson 1.52.10 PB; Daniel Hughes 1.55.53; Sarah Santer 1.55.57; Stuart Thomson 1.58.32; Sarah Stothard 2.00.49 PB; Felicity Paton 2.02.13; Natalie King 2.03.20; Mark Edwards 2.06.24; Claire Baker 2.07.44; Michelle Miles 2.10.48; Andy Miles 2.10.48; Carl Bryant 2.10.48;Amanda Shepheard 2.15.20; Benita Milton 2.15.49; Michelle Maxim 2.24.22; Paul Wells 2.25.43; Carole Mulry 2.26.13; Jacqui Salt 2.37.10; Moggs Glendenning 3.15.04

Heartbreaker Marathon: Simon Bodsworth 3.36.22; Paul Coe 3.59.36; Andy Mair 4.05.57; Joan Woolley 5.22.47

Priory Park 10k: Peter Chittenden 1.43.22 Rowans 10k Trail Race: Denis McLinden 59.13; Peter Chittenden 1.34.41

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