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Brighton Marathon 2016

A club record of 28 runners took part in last weekends Brighton Marathon, 8 of those were 1st time marathon runners.

Laura Newell was the first of the debutants to cross the finish line in 4hrs 7mins closely followed by Peter Ramsdale. Cheryl Laing had an excellent run to finish in 4.45 with Sarah Stothard and Clare Baker running together to complete the course just 15 minutes later. The other first timers were Anna Gatland, Michelle Maxim and former town mayor Paul Wells who all finished inside 6 hours.

Peter Lee was the first Tone Zoner to see the end in an outstanding personal best of 3.04. Also running his best ever time and qualifying for the London marathon next year was Danny Mahoney in 3.15 proving that he's not quite ready to be put out to pasture just yet.

Just 2 weeks after her stunning marathon in Paris, Nina Baldwinson managed to go even faster with a PB of 3.31. Kate O'Connor, Karl Hayes and Louisa Proctor also managed their best marathon times.

ToneZone Results

Brighton Marathon: Peter Lee 3.04.26 PB; Danny Mahoney 3.15.51 PB; Anne Kari Enes 3.31.00; Nina Baldwinson 3.31.02 PB; Gary Pidgeon 3.33.13; Keith Hardwell 3.35.31; Mark Annals 3.38.29; Kate O’Connor 3.43.04 PB; Karl Hayes 3.45.53 PB; Louisa Proctor 3.47.03 PB; Simon Bodsworth 3.47.46 Mark Ponsford 3.58.56 PB; Laura Newell 4.07.26; Paul Coe 4.07.29; Peter Ramsdale 4.08.54; Andy Mair 4.31.36; Shaun Smart 4.36.24; Tony Holcombe 4.36.59; Cheryl Laing 4.45.15; Sam Miles 4.48.54; Claire Baker 5.01.24; Sarah Stothard 5.01.24; Mark Edwards 5.06.11; Anna Gatland 5.31.25; Debbie Patching 5.50.30; Michelle Maxim 5.53.00; Benita Milton 5.53.00; Paul Wells 5.53.00 Rother Valley country Park 10k: Tony Hancock 45.10 All photo credits to Heather Holcombe

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