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Tone Zone represented by 85 members in Bognor 10K

A total of 85 members of Bognor Regis Tone Zone Runners took part in last weekends Bognor 10k.

For some of those runners it was their first 10k or even their first race since joining the club in January, these included Gemma Newman, Sarah Vockins, Lucy Brand, Carol Parncutt, David Paige, Gemma Hanna and Jean Morris. Well done to them all on completing the race, which was held in tricky conditions with a strong head wind for the 2nd part.

First to see the finish for the club was 18 year old Harry Annals who ran an amazing race to finish in his best time of 37.17 and 10th overall. Other runners to achieve a personal best were Jess Thomson, Caroline Edwards, Natalie Tribe, Andrew Day, Karen Vilday, Alice Slater, Paul Wells and Michelle Miles.

The club also came first in the ladies team race where the fastest three from each club represented in the race have their times combined. Nina Baldwinson, Louisa Proctor and Jess Thomson managed to beat the next team by over 6 minutes.

In other races, Paul Coe and Laura Newell ran the Top Gun Half Marathon in just over 2 hours. In Littlehampton Paul Coe joined Simon Bodsworth, Andy Mair and Joan Woolley to run the Arun river marathon. This picturesque race runs along the River Arun to Storrington and back.

Tone Zone Results

Bognor Regis 10k: Harry Annals 37.17; Peter Lee 39.10; Danny Mahoney 40.51 David Rowe 41.01; Paul Jarvis 42.08; Jack Penfold 42.54; Duncan Stephenson-Gill 43.02; Simon Daymond 43.57; Shaun Smart 44.11; Keith Hardwell 44.58; Nina Baldwinson 44.49; Neil Strudwick 44.51; Louisa Proctor 45.08; Luke Simmonds 45.13; Anthony Hancock 45.15; Gary Mitchell 45.29; Mark Warwick 45.34; Gary Pidgeon 45.46; Daryl Fairbrother 45.59; Jessica Thomson 46.30; Ian Bayley 46.34; Trevor Swain 46.34; Carolyn Stapely 46.52; Kate O'Connor 46.56; Simon Bodsworth 46.54; Andrew Miles 46.57; Tony Holcombe 47.23; Christopher Dummer 47.23; Adam Norgett 47.57; Carl Bryant 48.16; Derek Edwards 48.23; Neil Borley 48.44; Mark Green 48.38; Alan Coombs 49.00; Tess Leaver 49.39; Richard Peach 49.37; Marc Annals 49.41; James Savage 49.21; Peter Ramsdale 50.11; Caroline Edwards 50.42; Robert Little 50.49; Marc Willson 51.15; Natalie Tribe 51.25; Andrew Day 51.24; Derek Natoli 51.33; Garry Gaskin 51.44; Stuart Thomson 51.42; Paul Stevenson 53.30; David Paige 54.13; Karen Vilday 53.51; Daniel Hughes 54.15; David Mcmanus 54.10; Susi Briggs 53.58; Karen Harrison 54.13; Denise Moznabi 54.37; Natalie King 55.25; Jo Hall 56.00; Wendy Harding 55.58; Alice Slater 56.28; Paul Wells 58.00; Michelle Miles 58.28; Nathalie O’Mahony 57.57; Lydia Stapely 58.27; James Simmons 59.40; James Boyle 59.22; Antony Hurren 59.53; David Skidmore 59.33; Anna Kirkpatrick 1.00.42; David Sinclair 1.01.45; Carole Parncutt 1.03.48; Carole Mulry 1.05.24; Debi Haddleton 1.05.30; Gemma Newman 1.06.41; Lucy Brand 1.06.42; Nicola Kettley 1.07.22; Catherine Leonard 1.11.17; Catherine Nolder 1.12.12; Gemma Hanna 1.15.13; Lisa Cook 1.17.19; Donna Vincent 1.17.19; Sarah Vickins 1.19.29; Morrigan Glendenning 1.19.19; Terri Sansom 1.29.58; Jean Morris 1.30.33; Peter Chittenden 1.38.31

Top Gun Half: Marathon Laura Newell 2.04.25; Paul Coe 2.04.25;

Arun River Marathon: Paul Coe 4.27.29; Simon Bodsworth 4.34.54; Andy Mair 5.04.56; Joan Woolley 6.20.47

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