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Globetrotting Tonezoners

On the 25th September, the popular undulating Barns Green half marathon took place. Six members competed with Gary Mitchell coming home 1st for the club in 1.36. Tony Holcombe impressed again with 1.43 closely followed by Jess Thomson 1.44. Both Paul Westwood and Mark Warwick finished in 1.51 with Peter Ramsdale just behind in 1.53.06.

Paul Coe and Laura Newell travelled to the Great Windsor Park for a half marathon, they both ran the race in 1.57. Also running that distance were Neil and Debbie Pacey along with Natalie King, they travelled to the Forest of Dean, west of Gloucester near the Welsh border. Neil said it was a great race but jokingly added, there were far to many hills to make it enjoyable. Despite the hills he finished in 2.05 with Debs following slightly adrift in 2.09, Natalie was just 3 minutes later.

The final two races of the weekend were abroad, Andy Mair ran a half marathon in Disneyland Paris and Sarah Baker ran the same distance in Marbella. Their times were 1.42 and 2.22 respectively.

BRTZR Race Results

Barns Green Half Marathon: Gary Mitchell 1.36.10; Tony Holcombe 1.43.31; Jessica Thomson 1.44.10; Paul Westwood 1.51.47; Mark Warwick 1.51.51; Peter Ramsdale 1.53.06

Barns Green 10k: Gervais Ward 49.26

Marbella Half marathon: Sarah Baker 2.22.30

Euro Disney Half Marathon: Andy Mair 1.42.00

Forest of Dean Half Marathon: Neil Pacey 2.05.48; Debbie Pacey 2.09.25; Natalie King 2.12.01

Windsor Half Marathon: Paul Coe 1.57.02; Laura Newell 1.57.03

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