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Bognor Prom 10K Race - Feb Update

Just a brief update to outline Tone Zone's involvement and plans for future changes in our home town race.

A good number of TZ have taken key roles alongside the Rotary Club in coordinating arrangements for this year's race on 21st May. Their commitment, experience and vitality is bringing new ideas to our coastal challenge, and with Rotary Club's support we are chipping away at many initiatives that will make it a more memorable and rewarding event for all.

Following feedback from members and runners alike, we have already redesigned a more blingy and bespoke medal due to be launched in 2018. See attached.

We are working with local businesses and charities to bring about mutually rewarding and lasting relationships within the community. To raise the profile of the race and to attract a higher standard of club runner we are even looking at attaining a Gold grading of the event with the BARR. This will make it more attractive and push the numbers closer to 2000 instead of around 1400.

Of course such an undertaking relies upon a huge number of people. TZ recognised this when we were approached by Rotary Club to help because of its declining members and reducing community volunteers. As an established race it was a golden opportunity for TZ to make its mark and make the race compete with other coastal classics.

Last year TZ had 80 members running the distance and 45-50 helping and marshalling in some way. Our enthusiastic efforts were noticeable and really appreciated. This year we need 60 minimum helping and we only have about 25 so far, so please volunteer to Amanda Shepherd or any other committee member. Alternatively, if you are a new member, 1st timer, or avid Bognor 10k entrant, then please ask family or friends to help and support you along the route.

Your club is seriously concerned that without TZ' s members we could lose this race from our calendar. This is our opportunity, our club, our home town race, but YOUR call.

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