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Worthing & Cowdray 10k

Last week there were three events held at the Cowdray Estate, a 5k, 10k and 10k Canincross ran on an off-road course, the club runners who competed all took part in the 10k course. One of the club runners really enjoyed running around the muddy course, so much so that they finished in 1st place, Simon Gill completed the course in 37:39, including a little fall during the race. Duncan Stephenson-Gill had shaken off his marathon legs to finish the tough course in under 45 minutes. The ever improving Jessica Thomson was the first lady home for the club, finishing just ahead of fellow runner Tony Holcombe both running under the 50 minute barrier. Sean O’Donnell snuck under the 1 hour mark with an impressive 56:39. Running in the Canicross 10k were Debs Pacey, Lisa Robinson and 3 of their 4 legged friends. Pacey, Robinson finished the Canicross in 1:06, a very impressive performance from all.

The other race for Tone Zone last week was the Worthing 10k, another local race for the club. There was another big turnout for the club at this year’s race. The weather was perfect for a day at the beach, which it made it perfect for those not running however those running were in for a hot race. A total of 29 runners took the short trip along the south coast for the race. The first three home for the club were Simon Gill who recovered well from his mid-week triumph, second home was Peter Lee carrying on from his fine form so far this year crossing the line in 37:10. Sean Power was the third club runner home, the youngster who never stops improving finished in 40:55, that sub 40 will be recorded in no time. Despite a lot of runner struggling in the heat one runner certainly didn’t, Adam Norgett set a new personal best with a time of 45:15. Coming back from a couple of months off was Carolyn Stapley who was ‘Buzzing to be back’ joined on the course by fellow club mates Kate O’Connor and Karl Hayes the terrific trio all finished in 52 minutes. Catriona Power who’s still trying to get under the 1 hour mark just missed out this time, crossing the line with Lucy Brand and Michelle Llyod in 1:01 and 1:02, just ahead of Lea Hodgkins and Rachel George Numerous of runners from this year’s beginners group carried on from their impressive performances at the Bognor 10k to run the Worthing 10k.

BRTZR Results

Cowdray 10k

Simon Gill 37.39 Event Winner; Duncan Stephenson-Gill 44.36; Jessica Thomson 49.44; Tony Holcombe 49.49; Peter Ramsdale 55.24; Sean O'Donnell 56.39; Stuart Thomson 1.03.18; Donna Strowger 1.04.01;

Debbie Patching 1.05.03; Alison Stead 1.06.09; Amy O'Donnell 1.11.01; Nicola King 1.13.18; Donna Vincent 1.21.19; Sarah Vockins 1.30.25;Sarah Spur 1.09.58

Cowdray Park Canix 10k

Debbie Pacey 1.06.14 ; Lisa Robinson 1.06.15

Worthing 10k

Simon Gill 34.32; Peter Lee 37.10; Sean Power 40.55; Michael Manwill 43.19; Jason Abell 44.09; Jessica Thomson 44.10; Adam Norgett 45.15 PB; Keith Hardwell 46.15; Stan Mack 46.35; Peter Ramsdale 50.27; Gervais Ward 51.32; Simon Bodsworth 52.13; Karl Hayes 52.14; Kate O'Connor; 52.23; Carolyn Stapely 52.25; Nathalie O’mahony 56:10; Sam Miles 57:15; Catriona Power 1:01; Lucy Brand: 1:01; Michelle Lloyd 1:02; Lea Hodgkins 1:03; Rachel George 1:03; Juliette Garrett 1:11; Joanna Chapman 1:14; Jo York 1.16; Lisa Broad 1.16; Tina Ede 1:22; Julie Ede 1:22; John Abell 1:26

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