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Bognor 10k

A grand total of 83 Tone Zone Runners ran the Bognor 10k, on the first time that was organised by the local club. Conditions couldn’t have been better for the runners, meaning a total of 11 PB’s were picked up, this also included a handful of runners finishing high up in their categories, including Juliet Stallard finishing in 41:50 taking home 2nd place in her age category. Simon Gill was first home for the club and finished 5th overall in 34:25, as well as finishing 1st in his age category. Running on his birthday and finishing second for the club was Peter Lee, who navigated the course in 37:13 and claiming 4th in his age category. The third club runner to finish was Jack Penfold sneaking under the 40 minute mark in 39:27. Another notable performance came from Danny Mahoney. Mahoney had a just enough left in the tank in order to push on with the wind for the last 2 miles, to achieve a sub 40 finish time.

Luke Simmonds was another one of the many Tone Zone runners to grab a personal best. Simmonds who recently ran the Three Forts marathon completed the shorter distance race in 42:51. The first official pacer home for the club was Marc Annals, pacing runners aiming for 50 minutes. Annals has often taken on the official pacer role and this year was no exception, crossing the line in 49:44, helping hundredsrunners achieve their goals. Carl Bryant was running as the 55 minute pacer. Carl was accompanied by two fellow members from the club Andy Miles and Stuart Thomson. The three club members were encouraging their fellow runners in the final stages of the race, in hope that they could also help runners break that 55 minute barrier. Andy Shill was the final pacer of the day. Shill was running in the hope of finishing just under the hour, a time which is a target for many runners to achieve. Shill crossed the line just below the hour mark as planned, followed by numerous satisfied runners.

There were 11 new runners out on the course this year for Tone Zone. Joining the club in January as people who had never ran before to completing a 10k just 5 months later, with help from the clubs coaches they all completed the 10k for the first time. The first two home for the club were Angelika followed by Jeremy White. Soon after White Sue Hayward, Lisa Broad and Sharon Thomas all crossed the line in 1:09, a short while after was Jo Yorke and Jo Chapmen in 1:11 and 1:12 respectively. Neil Hanson and John Abell finished together in 1:21, Jayne Williamson and Nicola Bagleecompleted their first 10K in 1:38 and 1:39.

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