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A Summer of 5's

On Sunday 17th June a 5 mile beach race was held, running along the sand out to Elmer and back towards the Felpham yacht club. Juliet Stallard picked up her the first female to cross the line. Stan Mack who also competed in the Southdown Half Marathon the day before carried on with his flying form to cross the line in a steady time of 43.45, David Rowe was next to finish for the club with 44:14. Carl Bryant and Josie Faggetter both finished in tandem under the the 46 minute mark. Jim Simmonds and his four legged pal Oscar finished the race in 44 minutes and were the 3rd dog to finish. Carolyn Stapley finished under the 48 minute mark despite the head wind on the return Stapley ran faster in the second half of the race. On her first race for the club Jo Penfold ran with her dad on Father’s Day, the pair snuck just under the 1:10 mark to finish in 1:09.

During the week on Wednesday 20th June was the Midsummer 5, a five mile race starting in Lavant and heading around the iconic Goodwood motor circuit. A popular event for Tone Zone meant 34 runners ran the race for the club. Simon Gill was first home and finished 5th overall with an 8 second PB with 27.24. Jess Thomson picked up another award for the year as she finished first in her age category in a PB time of 34.24. One club favourite and long standing member of the club Ian Bayley finished in a very impressive time of 37.43. Karen Vilday achieved another PB for 2018 with a time of 42.34. Zoe Hermes and Jo Hall finished the 5 miles route reasonably closely in 46:14 and 46:33 respectively. Other personal bests came from Vicky Cooper (46:32), Debi Haddleton (48:42) and Leigh Paige (57:21).

BRTZR Results

Midsummer 5

Simon Gill 27.24 1st Category; Danny Mahoney 32.34; Duncan Stephenson-Gill 33.14 5th Category; Simon Hunt 34.10; Daryl Fairbrother 34.19; Michael Manwill 34.20; Jessica Thomson 34.24 1st Category PB; Gary Pidgeon 36.10; Mark Green 36.14; Keith Hardwell 36.31; Neil Strudwick 37.08; Sean O'Donnell 37.30; Ian Bayley 37.43; Tony Holcombe 37.43; Stan Mack 38.07; Martin Playford 38.22 4th Category PB; Lucy Gardner 39.08; Carolyn Stapley 40.45; Peter Ramsdale 40.48; Kate O'Connor 40.55; Marc Willson 41.08; Stuart Thomson 41.51; Karen Vilday 42.34 PB; Sarah Santer 42.59; Paul Stevenson 45.42; Zoe Hermes 46.14; Jo Hall 46.33; Vicky Cooper 46.32 PB; Lucy-Jane Isitt 47.11; Debi Haddleton 48.42 PB; Amy O'Donnell 50.42; Lisa Broad 57.08; Joanna Yorke 57.08; Leigh Paige 57.21 PB

Felpham 5

Juliet Stallard​ 40.39​ 1st Lady Overall; Stan Mack ​43.45​; David Rowe ​44.14​;

Jim Simmons​ 44.55​; Neil Strudwick​ 44.56​; Carl Bryant​ 45.16;​ Josie Faggetter ​45.31​; Carolyn Stapely ​47.39​; Garth Stemp ​49.21;​ Sarah Santer ​50.21​; Michael Manwill​ 52.20​; Donna Strowger​ 53.25;​ Debbie Patching​ 53.28​; Daniel Hughes​ 53.39​; Lisa Wadey ​53.51​; Sam Yates ​54.3​; Sarah Macuix ​54.37; ​Lisa Joyce​ 54.37;​ Sarah Stothard ​54.48​; Wendy Cannon ​56.57​; Charlotte Seaton ​57.27;​ Sarah Spurr​ 57.28​; Chris Chapman ​57.51;​ David Sinclair​ 58.05​; Alice Slater ​59.24​; Cheryl Laing​ 1.00.55​; Donna Vincent ​1.02.25​; Alison Stead ​1.03.20;​ Nicola King​ 1.03.28; ​Kirstee Porter​ 1.04.27​; Lisa Broad ​1:08:07; Jo Penfold ​1:09:06; Sarah Vockins​ 1:17:14; Nicola Baglee​ 1:16:30

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