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April Kick Off!

A few races this weekend to kick off April for the local running club. Over in Jersey was Tony Hancock running in the Freedom Tree Spring 10k, with heavy headwind for the last 5k Hancock finished in 47 minutes and 2nd in his age category. Just North of Wickham were Debs Pacey with dog Luna and Lisa Robinson with her dog Logan. This was the Hundred Acre Wood 10k which is a reasonably hilly and off-road course, with both ladies and pooches finishing on the hour mark.

Closer to home in Lancing was a big group from the club, running the hilly Lancing 10k. Grahame Hurren was the first home for the club and finished in 51:25, Carl Bryant was hot on his heels finishing in 52 minutes. Mark Farndell and Andy Miles snuck under the 55 minutes barrier. Gary Gaskin and Andrew Medlock finished in 56:09 and 59:47. Zoe Hemes, Lauren Farndell, Rachel George and Rebecca Holden all ran strong races to finish the challenging course in less than 1 hour 5 minutes. Juliette Garrett ran an impressive race on the difficult course to finish in 1 hour 12 minutes. Due to losing is voice Allan Brown was cheer with happiness but was very happy to finish in 1 hour 21 minutes.

The Bournemouth Half had three club members with one of them grabbing a personal best. Lesley Ward finished in 2 hours 15 minutes, followed by Alan Haskell who got a personal best time of 2 hours 19 minutes. Sarah Spurr finished the half marathon in 2 hours 26 minutes.

BRTZR Results:

Lancing 10k: Grahame Hurren 51.25; Carl Bryant 52.06; Mark Farndell 54.13; Andrew Miles 54.53; Garry Gaskin 56.09; Andrew Medlock 59.47; Zoe Hemes 1.00.44;Lauren Farndell 1.01.37; Rachel George 1.03.57; Rebacca Holden 1.04.58; JULIETTE Garrett 1.12.24; Allan Brown 1.21.39

Bournemouth Half: Lesley Ward 2.15.15; Alan Haskell 2.19.01 PB; Sarah Spurr 2.26.15

Hundred Acre Wood 10k: Debbie Pacey 1.00.00; Lisa Robinson 1.00.00

Freedom Tree Spring 10k: Tony Hancock 47.02

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