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Great Tone Zone turnout at the Great South Run

The ever popular Great South Run, a 10 mile race in Portsmouth, drew a superb turnout of Tone Zone Runners.

It starts near Southsea Common before heading to Portsmouth’s historic dockyard. The runners then loop back through Southsea before running the last two miles along the promenade past the pier and across the line.

This year Tone Zone had 49 runners, their highest attendance at the race which equalled 20 per cent of the club’s members. Simon Gill was first runner across the line for the club in 1:10:49 finishing 150th in 1:01:18, the top one per cent of runners. Jess Thomson was second for the club in 700th the top three per cent and third was Mark Green in 1:12:19 placing 850th placing in the top four per cent. Michael Forsdyke, Richard Forward, Alexander Eastwood, Sarah Zacal, Ian Bayley, Emma Smith and Alex Fryer all finished under the 1 hour 20 mark, closely followed by Nathan Bilham (1:20:13) and Josey Faggetter (1:20:17).

Peter Loose finished in 1:21 just ahead of Scott Cooper and Jon Cummins who all ran sub 1:25. Nick Solti (1:32) led a train of blue and orange vests of Rodney Morley, Lee and Marlena Clark, Kirstee Porter, Karen Vilday, Marc Wilson and Michael James. Tony Holcombe was just eight seconds over the 1:40 barrier with Ian Buchan just 30 seconds behind him.

Leonie Ranson bettered her previous 10 mile time with 1:42:14 with Louise Maddison, Amanda Alphonso, Magda Kuczera, Zoe Hemes, Alison Stead, Katie Benham, Stuart Thomson and Paul Stevenson in tow. Felicity Nowell finished in 1:50:55 followed by mother and daughter Duo Carole and Emma Parncutt in 1:51 along with John Abell. Sue Woodruff completed her first Great South run in 1:53 just three minutes ahead of Steve Lee, Chantal Neal and Karen Butcher. Lisa Broad and Beth Suter ran together to finished on the two-hour mark, and four minutes behind was Tina Ede making her return to the Southsea race. Carrie Oakley finished in 2:10:07 with Rebecca Sleet and Daniel Hughes finishing just 2 minutes behind. Allan Brown rounded off a perfect day for the club finishing bang on the 2.30 mark.

Meanwhile in Amsterdam were Emma Tidmarsh and Lisa Wadey for the city’s half marathon. Emma finished the 13.1 mile run in a new PB of 2.00.54 with Lisa just seven minutes back in 2:07.

Great South Run

Simon Gill 1.01.18 Jessica Thomson 1.10.49      Mark Green 1.12.19 Michael Forsdyke 1.16.52       Richard Forward 1.17.10      Alexander Eastwood 1.17.48     Sarah Zacal 1.18.03      Ian Bayley 1.18.04      Emma Smith 1.18.56      Alexandra Fryer 1.19.36      Nathan Bilham 1.20.13      Josey Faggetter 1.20.17      Peter Loose 1.21.19      Scott Cooper 1.23.34      Jon Comins 1.24.38      Nick Solti 1.32.45      Rodney Morley 1.33.13 Lee Clark 1.34.43      Marlena Clark 1.34.44      Kirstee Porter 1.35.56      Kaz Vilday 1.35.56      Marc Willson 1.36.41      Michael James 1.39.18      Anthony Holcombe 1.40.08      Ian Buchan 1.40.37      Leonie Ranson 1.42.14 PB Louise Maddison 1.42.36      Amanda Alphonso 1.42.53      Magda Kuczera 1.43.20      Zoe Hemes 1.46.12      Alison Stead 1.47.50      Katie Benham 1.48.17 Stuart Thomson 1.48.32 Paul Stevenson 1.48.59      Felicity Nowell 1.50.55      Emma Parncutt 1.51.31      Carole Parncutt 1.51.31      John Abell 1.51.31      Sue Woodruff 1.53.30      Steve Lee 1.56.09      Chantal Neal 1.57.11      Karen Butcher 1.58.03 Lisa Broad 2.00.35      Bethany Suter 2.00.36      Tina Ede 2.04.48      Carrie Oakley 2.10.07      Rebecca Sleet 2.12.10      Daniel Hughes 2.12.25 Allan Brown 2.30.04                 

Amsterdam Half Marathon

Emma Tidmarsh 2.00.54 PB

Lisa Wadey 2:07.25     

Great South 5k 16.10.22

Catherine Hemsley 47.00


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