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London 2016

The major race this weekend was the big one, the London Marathon. Bognor Regis Tone Zone had 18 runners taking part this year including 4 first timers, Alice Slater, Jacqui Salt, Paul Stevenson and Peter Lomax. With almost perfect running conditions for a marathon Sunday was an ideal time for a debut. Times are inconsequential for a first marathon, the achievement is completing the course and all four runners did that with ease while absolutely loving the experience.

First over the line for the club was Chris Gallagher in a spectacular PB time of 3.29 closely followed by Neil Strudwick, Andy Mair, Karen Harrison and Anne Kari-Enes, all at 3.35. A special mention has to go to Andy and Anne who also ran Brighton marathon last week. Another top performer was Carolyn Stapely who finished in a personal best time of 3.44 but more importantly this qualified her for automatic entry into next years London marathon thus saving herself from the lottery of the ballot.

Away from London and closer to home was the Bluebell 10K and 10 Mile races. Four runners entered the longer distance run with Mark Warwick leading the way in 1.21 followed by Lisa Robinson and Sarah Santer in 1.35.

At Southampton we had 8 runners take part in the Half Marathon with David Skidmore and Jessica Thomson both achieving personal bests in 1.36 and 1.44 respectively.

In Blackpool, Tony Hancock ran the Blackpool marathon finishing 7th in his age category with a time of 3.47

ToneZone Results

London Marathon: Chris Gallagher 3.29.52 PB; Neil Strudwick 3.35.16 PB; Andy Mair 3.35.18; Karen Harrison 3.35.29; Anne Kari Enes 3.35.29; Carolyn Stapely 3.44.03 PB; Ian Bayley 3.56.17: Alan Coombs 4.33.22: Jade Fish 4.33.41; Grace Natoli 4.40.19; Paul Stevenson 4.47.56; Alan McTennan 4.49.22; Grace Natoli 4.40.19; Alice Slater 4.51.49; Peter Lomax 4.57.30; Stuart Thomson 5.09.37; Vicky Tye 5.43.27; Jacqui Salt 5.49.17

Blackpool Marathon: Tony Hancock 3.47.49

Southampton Half Marathon: David Skidmore 1.36.30; Simon Daymond 1.39.29; Jessica Thomson 1.44.07; Tony Holcombe 1.47.40; Adam Norgett 1.48.31; John Russell 2.09.13; Paula Russell 2.28.05 Christopher Dummer TBC;

Bluebell 10k: Lydia Stapely 1.03.28

Bluebell 10 Mile: Mark Warwick 1.21.33; Lisa Robinson 1.35.59; Sarah Santer 1.35.59; David Sinclair 1.38.13

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