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Race Report 6th June

A beautiful sunny day greeted 19 Tone Zone runners who ran the annual Worthing 10k on Sunday. Due to the heat not many records were broken apart from Jess Thomson, she continues to impress and finished in a personal best of 46:13. First home for the club was Paul Jarvis in 42:30 closely followed in by Sy Daymond with an excellent time of 43:15.

Also on Sunday was the D Day 10k in Portsmouth where the club had 4 runners taking part. Tony Hancock finished in 45:36, Debbie Patching and Bogumila Skladanek crossed the line in an hour with Peter Chittenden finishing in 1:47.

Peter also ran the Lindfield 10k cross country last week in just over 2 hours.

Last Wednesday saw the Indiana Jones run where you can decide how many of the 3.25 mile laps you complete up to marathon distance. Paul Coe completed the full 8 laps to achieve his 25th marathon in 3:48 and Rebecca Wetherill ran her first ever race.

ToneZone Results

Worthing 10k Paul Jarvis 42.30; Nina Baldwinson 44.58; Gary Mitchell 45.10; Neil Strudwick 46.05; Jessica Thomson 46.13; Simon Bodsworth 48.46; Adam Norgett 48.58; Carl Bryant 49.08; Andrew Miles 50.09; Stuart Thomson 51.22; Derek Natoli 52.27; Alice Slater 58.13; Alison Mcloughlin 58.17; Paul Wells 1.01.48; Gemma Hanna 1.06.22; Samantha Yates 1.06.53; Nicola Kettley 1.12.40; Sarah Vockins 1.20.13; D-Day 10k Tony Hancock 45.36; Debbie Patching 1.00.41; Bogumila Skladanek 1.00.47; Peter Chittenden 1.47.01 Indiana Jones Run Paul Coe 3.48.06 8 laps; Cheryl Laing 2.59.33 5 laps; Jessica Thomson 2.27.49 5 laps; Sarah Baker 2.24.10 4 laps; Michelle Maxium 2.06.51 3 laps; Benita Milton 2.06.51 3 laps; Rebecca Jones 1.32.25 2 laps; Sarah Stothard 1.32.25 2 laps; Mark Edwards 1.04.14 2 laps; Rebecca Wetherill 52.27 1 lap;

Lindfield 10k

Peter Chittenden 2.02.09

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