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A Lunar-Tic week

The Surrey Slog takes place near Ewhurst and is an appropriate named event as level running ground is replaced with over 2,000 foot of steep assents and descents. On Sunday four members from Tone Zone tacked this with Colin Hiscock and Ian Bayley leading the way and finishing a couple of minutes apart.

The course known for its beautiful hilly paths and tracks challenged runners on one of the hardest half marathons in the South. Predicted high temperatures had put some of the entrees from joining the start line of 160 competitors but the weather proved fairly kind with plenty of cloud cover. The other two runners were Laura Newell and Paul Coe who finished in 2:17.

This was a tremendous effort by Paul as the previous evening at 8pm he set off from Shoreham, taking part in the Lunar-tic Marathon along side Simon Bosworth. This was Paul's first experience of a night race and despite feeling quite nervous, was actually quite enjoyable. After the race Paul said "It was a tough one mentally due to the immense concentration needed for the last 16 or so miles in the dark. My pace dropped in the latter stages because of it and due to the tiredness setting in towards midnight" Both Paul and Simon finished in 4:31

At Walton-on-Thames, Helena Wilmers ran the Elmbridge 10k in 56:20.

Danny Mahoney ran the strangely named Down Tow up Flow Half Marathon. It's described as a gloriously scenic, flat, multi-terrain, point-to-point half marathon along the Thames towpath. The route is run in reverse direction each year, in 2016 it is "Up Flow' therefore starting in Windsor and finishing in Marlow. Danny completed the course in 1:34 to finish 3rd in his age category

Bognor Tone Zone Runners Results

Surrey Slog Half Marathon: Colin Hiscock 1.59.09; Ian Bayley 2.01.13; Laura Newell 2.17.37; Paul Coe 2.17.39 Lunar-Tic Marathon: Simon Bosworth 4.31.29; Paul Coe 4.31.31 Elmbridge 10k: Helena Wilmers 56.20 Beat the Tide 10k: Bushka Skladanek 1.02.22 Down Tow up Flow Half Marathon: Danny Mahoney 1.34.45

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