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Littlehampton 10K

22 Bognor Tone Zone Runners joined over 1000 other runners along Littlehampton seafront to take part in the 13th Chestnut Tree House 10k. Thankfully the rain of the previous day had made way for clear skies and sunshine.

The biggest achievement of the day was made by Donna Vincent who took an impressive 10 minutes off her Bognor 10k time from May, proving that all her hard work and determination in training is paying off. Paul Jarvis was the first club runner to finish, with a time just over 40 minutes. Jess Thomson continued her great running this year with a PB of 44.23, also gaining a PB was Nathan Bilham who joined the club this year. This was only Bilham's 3rd 10k but he still ran a 51.14, maybe he can break into the 49's next time. Another personnel best time went to Natalie King running her local race, King managed a great time of 55.32. Gary Mitchell and Christopher Dummer also ran PB's.

Along the coast at the New Forest Showground in Brockenhurst was the marathon festival. This allowed runners a choice of running distances from 5k to a full marathon. Four runners completed the longest run with Nina Baldwinson and Simon Bodsworth finishing the marathon course before 4 hours was on the stopwatch and Neil Strudwick just over. Jade Fish finished just under the 5 hour mark. In the half marathon, Derek Natoli achieved an impressive PB of 1.57.51, sandwiched by Paul Westwood and Judith Bazeley closely followed by Charlotte Seaton.

At Leatherhead, Tony Holcombe ran it the Bacchus marathon. Tony ran the undulating course very impressively to finish in 4.23.40 and 3rd in his age category.

Paul Coe competed in his 22nd marathon of the year and 36th overall in Farnham. This was a really difficult marathon with 2500ft of hills to get over, despite this Coe still completed the race in 4.25.27 Bognor Regis Tone Zone Runners Results

Littlehampton 10k: Paul Jarvis 40.17; Christopher Dummer 43.15; Graham Hurren 44.15; Jess Thomson 44.23; Louisa Proctor 46.47; Gareth Stemp 48.19; Andy Miles 49.38; Matthew Reynolds 49.47; Stuart Thomson 49.53; Nathan Bilham 51.14; Carl Bryant 51.35; Robert Little 51.42; Natalie King 55.32; Debbie Patching 56.42; Christine Rounds 57.05; Michelle Miles 57.06; Paul Wells 57.12; Vicky Cooper 59.08; Carole Parncutt 1.02.38; Denis McLinden 1.06.18; Nicola Kettley 1.06.35; Donna Vincent 1.07.30 New Forest marathon: Nina Baldwinson 3.57.51;Simon Bodsworth 3.56.10; Neil Strudwick 4.02.16; Jade Fish 4.58.15 New Forest Half Marathon: Paul Westwood 1.55.51;Derek Natoli 1.57.51; Judith Bazeley 2.10.47; Charlotte Seaton 2.18.45 New Forest 10k: Chris Seaton 1.25.07 Bacchus Marathon: Tony Holcombe 4.23.40 Farnham Pilgrim Marathon: Paul Coe 4.25.27 Slindon Woods 10k: Sarah Stothard 1.33.09; Rebecca Jones 1.33.15; Lisa Joyce 1.33.22; Cheryl Lang 1.44.43 Slindon Woods half marathon: Viv Baker 2.33.46

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