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Brighton Half and a Heartbreaker

A very wet and windy Brighton saw 33 club runners from Bognor Tone Zone attend the Vitality Half Marathon. Despite the stormy conditions Peter Lee ran a flawless race and achieved a personal best time of 1.19 to place him 68th of over 8000 competitors. Also running her best time for the distance was Anne Kari Enes 1.36. Duncan Stephenson-Gill and Colin Hiscock, both ran 3 minutes better than previously to finish in 1.30 and 1.31 respectively. Continuing the impressive tally of PB's were Andy Miles 1.44, Carl Bryant 1.45, Peter Ramsdale 1.49, Nathalie Omahony 2.08

At the Goring 10k Simon Gill took an excellent 3rd place in 34.42. It was a very close race, with Gill finishing just 4 seconds behind the 2nd placed runner.

Sy Daymond was at Thorpe Park on Sunday but it wasn't for the roller coasters, instead it was another half marathon. Sy ran well to finish in a PB of 1.27, taking over 6 minutes from his former best time.

Staying with Sunday's races and the Heartbreaker half and marathon at Fordingbridge in The New Forest. Paul Coe used the event as

for his South Downs 50 mile race in 6 weeks by uncharacteristically walking the hills, despite this he still finished in 4.14 alongside Simon Bodsworth. Laura Newell and Carole Parncutt raced the Half Marathon at the same event in 2.03 and 2.50.

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre on Saturday staged the Maverick Run series, a challenging multi-distance event of 4.3, 8 and 14.3 mile routes around the surrounding hills towards Findon. Grace Natoli and Sarah Baker competed in the longest race and finished in 2.44 and 2.57.

Peter Chittenden finished the shorter distance in 1.44, he also ran in the Rowands 10k on Sunday in 1.50 to complete a good weekend for the popular veteran runner.

Tone Zone Results

Brighton Half Marathon: Peter Lee 1.19.47; Duncan Stephenson-Gill 1.30.32; Colin Hiscock 1.31.55; Keith Hardwell 1.33.25; Chris Gallagher 1.35.53; Anne Kari Enes 1.36.47; Neil Strudwick 1.37.59; Ian Bayley 1.38.42; Danny Mahoney 1.39.57; Gary Pidgeon 1.41.12; Kate O'Connor 1.41.20; Jessica Thomson 1.42.43; Andrew Miles 1.44.42; Carl Bryant 1.45.55; Carolyn Stapely 1.46.45; Peter Ramsdale 1.49.57; Stuart Thomson 1.52.50; Sam Miles 1.56.05; Derek Natoli 1.56.55; David Paige 1.58.33; Gareth Stemp 2.07.21; Nathalie Omahony 2.08.21; Paul Wells 2.08.36; Natalie King 2.10.33; Bogumila Skladanek 2.10.38; Christine Rounds 2.14.47; Michelle Miles 2.14.48; Sarah Stothard 2.15.33; Rebecca Jones 2.15.33; John Russell 2.17.54; Carole Mulry 2.21.07; Paula Russell 2.22.36; Morrigan Glendenning 3.23.54

Goring 10k: Simon Gill 34.42 3rd overall

Maverick Race: Debbie Patching 59.29 (4.3 miles); Peter Chittenden 1.44.24 (4.3) Wendy Cannon 1:46:26 (8); Sam Yates 1.53.52 (8); Grace Natoli 2.44.18 (14.3); Sarah Baker 2.57.29 (14.3);

Heartbreaker Marathon: Simon Bodsworth 4.14.52; Paul Coe 4.14.54; Tony Holcombe 4.35.51; Jade Fish 5.32.44;

Heartbreaker Half Marathon: Laura Newell 2.03.15; Carole Parncutt 2.50.57

Thorpe Park Half Marathon: Sy Daymond 1.27.36;

Rowands 10k: Peter Chittenden 1.50.25

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